planting paper blue

A man alone is very beautiful, like a string of cold bending, quietly, without greed sunrise, don't linger yan whistle Enterprise Server Hosting , the noise of the language.

Just pure in heart, leaf green, lon moist, like a cloud to express: "don't expect who really understand, don't need to be hard on others you find limited , without compromise." Yes, don't entertain wild hope. Who really knows?

Only silence side pure land, flowers, fragrant one's own soul. If no, then do a branch bine, exclusive lonely lotus, if cannot cross, such as lotus; Can also be a narcissus lonely, longitudinal is addiction, underwater breathing, also floating oil oil, green, comfortable, reflection in the water bosom friend the beauty , pity, a wisp of faint pain, clear transparent, clean, in full bloom, white, fragrant yue oneself.

However, the life has absolute silence beauty? How absolutely happy and optimistic? Kam mood, three points of zen a Buddha mind, good wen wan, smiling to start, with the autumn wind fallen leaves of detachment is rare.